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The Story of Bakeup

An app designed specifically for passionate baking enthusiasts, aims to revolutionise recipe searching by reducing the time it takes to find the perfect recipe. It allows users to search for recipes based on ingredients they already have at home.

The Challenge

As an amateur baker, I frequently find myself spending an excessive amount of time searching for recipes that fit my schedule and use the ingredients I have readily available.

The Goal

My goal is to streamline the recipe selection process, without spending hours searching for the right recipe online. By utilising this application, users can explore recipes that they may not have considered before, but are nonetheless ideal for the ingredients they already possess at home.

Everyday Scenario

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User Persona

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Gal, 32

Graphic designer

Baking is a hobby that I enjoy a lot, but the only aspect that I find tedious is the search for recipes. It usually takes me a considerable amount of time to locate simple and practical recipes that can be made using the ingredients I already have at home. It can be frustrating to start preparing a recipe and then realise that I am missing one or more ingredients.

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Sapir, 29

Data engineering

I really enjoy discovering new recipes, especially those that have received positive reviews. Additionally, I take pleasure in leaving feedback on recipes that I have tried and recreating the ones that I found to be particularly enjoyable and successful.

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Snir, 29

Art student

Having baked since childhood, I have always loved the experience of exploring new recipes and sharing them on social media platforms to obtain feedback from others.


As a vegan, I frequently encounter difficulties in discovering suitable recipes. I often struggle with identifying appropriate vegan substitutes for non-vegan ingredients, which consumes a significant amount of my time. Despite conducting most of my recipe searches on the internet, I have yet to come across a user-friendly app that caters to my specific dietary requirements.

Conclusions & Goals

Simple and fast search

Quick search with matching ingredients available at home

Accessible to everyone

Possibility to filter by dietary allergies or preferences


Built-in tools for
work efficiency


share your results with friends and family

User Flow

To ensure an enjoyable and efficient user experience, I implemented a feature that saves users' ingredient selections for future reference, as well as a filter that saves any allergen or dietary restrictions after the initial use. This streamlines the recipe search process and eliminates the need for users to repeatedly input their preferences, ultimately enhancing the app's usability and accessibility.

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Tell Us What Is In Your Fridge

Select your diatry and allergies preferences and make ingredians that you have at home

Foucus Your Search

Refine your search using a variety of filters

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Perfect Match! (2).png (3).png
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we will show you how close you are for your perfect match recipe from your ingredians and your kitchen

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Built-in videos to explain baking methods

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We are here to guid you

you can mark the step that you allredy complited

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Style Guide


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UI Kit

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Thank you for watching!

Hope you enjoyed this case study

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