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Hello Again!

My name is Ariel, since I can remember I've always been more comfortable expressing myself through the visual aspect, that's why I went to study industrial design. I realized that the field of physical and digital design has many similarities, and I decided to follow my passion and shift my focus to digital design.

What excites me the most is researching the needs
and desires of the user.
I have a natural ability to empathize with other people, which is why I can quickly identify pain points and create solutions. I approach my work with conceptual thinking combined with empathy, strong attention to detail, curiosity and innovative thinking. As a designer, I strive to create memorable and meaningful experiences that people want to return to.

I am a team player with a high motivation for learning and growth. I dream of being part of a creative and forward thinking team that shares the same passion as me.

Let's Talk :)


+972 527335766



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